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In these cases, they can often become undetectable again if they switch to a different combination of medications.Across several large studies, no cases of HIV transmission have been reported in couples where the HIV-positive partner was on meds and had "undetectable" viral load test results for six months.You can feel confident that you are at effectively zero risk of acquiring HIV by sex with a person who has been virally-suppressed for over six months.You may also choose to use condoms and/or Pr EP, if that brings you additional peace of mind.Thus, people who think they are HIV negative may actually have a detectable or even high viral load. They have already reduced their risk of HIV to near zero.

We also now know they can show an elevated risk of HIV transmission.Although none of the studies looked specifically at transgender people, there is no particular reason why we would suspect the results would be different.In one of the studies, known as HPTN 052, there was one transmission of HIV from a man to his female partner.Some of them may not know because they acquired HIV very recently.In these cases, it's likely their viral load may actually be quite high, and high viral load increases the risk for HIV transmission to others. Because of the power of antiretrovirals, there are two strategies that virtually eliminate risk of HIV transmission: For anyone on Pr EP, the HIV status of their sex partners (whether positive or negative, or detectable or undetectable) can be virtually irrelevant.

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